Supernova SN 2005cs in M51

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Supernova SN 2005cs in M51
Discovered 28-June 2005, confirmed discovery by Wolfgang Kloehr 28-June 2005.

A supernova (SN 2005cs) has been discovered in M51. It's magnitude could reach the mid 12's. This will likely be the brightest supernova in many years. It is located in the first spiral arm, roughly opposite of NGC 5195.

Images by Bill Keicher - © 2005

Excerpt from Wolfgang Kloehr's discovery story:

"The weather was somewhat good and so i decided to make a move over Ursa Major. Routinely i made some pictures of the brighter galaxies M101 M106 M51. Unfortunately clouds arose and i had to take down my telescope.Afterwards I compared as usual the made pictures with some older images. On the photograph of M51 I noticed a small bright point in an H II clumping of the internal arm of the galaxy. On my reference image I could see the H II clumping but not the small bright spot. On the negative image the spot was more clearly recognizable. Should I have discovered something? Completely surely I could not be. The new picture was somewhat sharper than my reference picture, so it was also possible that the H II clumping presents itself only more clearly. I decided to get to the bottom of this tomorrow."

Full text here

At the time of discovery, the SuperNova was measured to be magnitude 16. It's increased slightly to 14th magnitude with a few measurements at 13 magnitude.

Additional information on SN 2005cs:


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