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The purpose of the Lunar Atlas group is to produce a new high-resolution atlas of the Moon. Through our close assocation with the Yahoo Lunar Observing Group, we have connections to many of the finest Lunar photographers and sketchers on the planet.

However, with the inexpensive technology now available to amateurs--webcams and Registax--you don't have to be a "prominent imager" to be able to contribute meaningfully to this project!

We also need many other skills in order to make our atlas a reality: writers, graphic arts people, geologists, you name it!

While we will wind up producing a high resolution Lunar atlas, what's our prime goal? TO HAVE FUN. Moderated by "Uncle" Rod Mollise and Bill Logan.

Lunar Atlas Image Gallery


Lunar Atlas Project Plan 2005-Apr-29
Lunar Atlas Project Plan 2004-Oct-02
Lunar Atlas Project Plan 2004-Jul-06

Discussion Group

The discussion area for the Lunar Atlas Project:


Lunar Atlas Project - Divisions of the Moon
Lunar Maps:

Rukl Plate Guide
Rukl Plate Guide
Rukl Plate Guide RGB
Rukl Plate Guide RGB